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Tele: (315) 782-8192

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P.G.A. Professional:  Doug McDavitt

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A golf lesson is an indispensable part of a golfers overall skill set. Golf is a game best learned through practice and correct technique. The grip, stance, and swing motion are extremely important to enjoy the sport and a single lesson can give the proper basic to the beginner. For the already accomplished golfer a lesson helps correct minor flaws and helps fine tune the game.

Doug McDavitt, an experienced PGA Professional (seen in the accompanying photo), gives golf lessons daily Monday - Thursday.  A video swing analysis is included.

Doug is also a club fitting expert. Properly fit clubs ensure you strike the ball with a club fit to your swing pattern. Doug spends about an hour analyzing your swing and makes a written analysis you can take anywhere to purchase clubs.

If you purchase the clubs at our Pro Shop, the cost of the fitting will be deducted form the purchase price.

Your existing clubs may also be adjusted to fit your swing without the need to purchase new clubs. You’ll need to discuss this with Doug during the fitting.

Improve your game, schedule a lesson or  club fitting. Call the Pro Shop at 782-8192 for an appointment.


E-mail willowbrookgolf@hotmail.com Subject: Lesson or fitting

Doug McDavitt

PGA Professional